How to Book

How to secure your place

If you work in the greater Merseyside area and are either self-employed or in a business which employs less than 250 people and has a turnover of less than 28 million, then you may be eligible for funding of up to 60%.

Please call 0151 559 0661 for details.

If you believe you are not eligible for funding, then simply fill in the application form below and send your deposit to the address at the bottom of the application form.

Deposit payable for NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner courses: £300

Deposit payable for EFT courses: £100


Now you too can spread the cost of your training by paying for each module as you take them!

For example: NLP Practitioner £957

  1. Deposit £207 
  2. Module 1  £250  
  3. Module 2  £250   
  4. Module 3 £250

If you have any questions about any of our courses please call

0151 559 0661