12 day Certified NLP Practitioner

“ You don`t have to believe everything you think!”

Certified NLP Practitioner including Fundamentals of Practical Mindfulness tm.

Now in modular format.

Learn to run your brain-Learn to use the tools of NLP!

Learn the skill sets of NLP and learn practical processes you can use immediately.

It`s never too late to learn the concepts that have already helped countless thousands of people from all walks of life.

  • Increase your career prospects.
  • Manage unwanted behaviours.
  • Improve your decision-making skills.
  • Develop emotional resilience.
  • Manage stress and anxiety.
  • Find out what really makes you happy.
  • Put off procrastination.
  • Create opportunities and alternatives when it seems like there`s none.
  • Use the same processes to help drive you forward toward a compelling future.
  • Communicate with more clarity.
  • Coach, manage others and lead more effectively.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem.

As well as learning the skills and processes of NLP, you also become familiar with the core concepts of neuroscience and mindfulness-based stress reduction (in my opinion probably the only stress management process you`ll ever need.)You`ll learn how to apply these concepts to improve every aspect of your life.

Although you WILL learn skills you can use from day one- this certified NLP Practitioner course is not a quick fix. There`s no secret to NLP and it`s not a magic bullet but MAKE NO MISTAKE the processes you`ll learn will give you skills that you can use for the rest of your life and the first thing many people discover is a much deeper understanding of themselves and their world.

Certified Diploma in NLP Fundamentals and Introduction to Practical Mindfulness TM.

Learn practical NLP & Mindfulness skills you can use from day one for personal and professional change or to add to your existing skills.

  •  Understand the lens though which you see yourself and others were formed and how it affects your thinking and behaviour.
  • How to shift your perceptions to form a more useful understanding of your own thoughts and actions and the thoughts and actions of others.
  •  Working with the thoughts that don`t work for you. Often called the ‘inner critic’.
  •  Rapport,how to get along with yourself and others. It`s easier than you think!
  • The language models of NLP: One of the most important and most useful tools in the NLP skill set. Knowing what questions to challenge and expand your present thinking.
  •  Pattern spotting and pattern stopping. A simple and practical model to change unwanted behaviour.
  •       Practical mindfulness tm

Mindfulness has gained in popularity over the last 15 or so years as one of the most effective ways to control anxiety and stress-but it`s much more than that and during this course you`ll learn many ways to use mindfulness more skilfully-PRACTICAL MINDFULNESS.

This Diploma can count towards the 12 day Certified NLP Practitioner course. You can take the remaining modules as and when the dates suit you.


Fee £397 per module: £99 deposit now to secure your place or pay £297 before midnight December 1st  2019 and save £100

You can spread the cost when you book all three modules and pay by bank transfer: £297 deposit .Call 07711360122 call for more details.


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