12 day Certified NLP Practitioner

“ You don`t have to believe everything you think!”

Certified NLP Practitioner course now for a limited period only includes Fundamentals in Practical Mindfulness tm.

Now in modular format.

Learn to run your brain-Learn to use the tools of NLP!

Learn the skill sets of NLP and learn practical processes you can use immediately.

It`s never too late to learn the concepts that have already helped countless thousands of people from all walks of life.

  • Increase your career prospects.
  • Manage unwanted behaviours.
  • Improve your decision-making skills.
  • Develop emotional resilience.
  • Manage stress and anxiety.
  • Find out what really makes you happy.
  • Put off procrastination.
  • Create opportunities and alternatives when it seems like there`s none.
  • Use the same processes to help drive you forward toward a compelling future.
  • Communicate with more clarity.
  • Coach, manage others and lead more effectively.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem.

As well as learning the skills and processes of NLP, you also become familiar with the core concepts of neuroscience and mindfulness-based stress reduction (in my opinion probably the only stress management process you`ll ever need.)You`ll learn how to apply these concepts to improve every aspect of your life.

Although you WILL learn skills you can use from day one- this certified NLP Practitioner course is not a quick fix. There`s no secret to NLP and it`s not a magic bullet but MAKE NO MISTAKE the processes you`ll learn will give you skills that you can use for the rest of your life and the first thing many people discover is a much deeper understanding of themselves and their world.

Certified Diploma in NLP Fundamentals and Introduction to Practical Mindfulness TM.

Learn practical NLP & Mindfulness skills you can use from day one for personal and professional change or to add to your existing skills.

On this four day course you will learn the core skills of NLP including:

  • How our perceptions create our ‘reality’.
  • How to shift our perceptions to improve communication, create more choice and much more.
  • Rapport: How to get it and how to keep it.
  • The language models of NLP: one of the most important and most useful tools in the NLP skill set.
  • Practical mindfulnessTM

Mindfulness has gained in popularity over the last 15 or so years as one of the most effective ways to control anxiety and stress-but it`s much more than that and during this course you`ll learn many ways to use mindfulness more skilfully-PRACTICAL MINDFULNESS.

This module can count towards the 12 day Certified NLP Practitioner course. You can take the remaining modules as and when the dates suit you.


Fee £397 per module

You can spread the cost when you book all three modules and pay by direct debit/standing order or bank transfer: £257 deposit then the BALANCE over instalments.

Further discounts may be available call 0151 559 0661 call for more details.




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