My name is Terry McCoy, I`m the Director and Principal Trainer at The NLP Works. We were one of first to offer quality certified NLP training to the general public and companies on Merseyside.

I qualified as a certified coach and trainer of both classic and New code NLP with Dr John Grinder one of the co-creators of NLP. I’m also a certified trainer of Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Reiki. As well as teaching others I regularly use these powerful methods to help and coach others on a one to one basis.

I was a founder member of The International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITANLP) created by John Grinder and a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP.

I have been inspired by the discovery that much of the recent research in Neuroscience seems to validate many of processes I teach. One particular process covered in depth on the course and is attracting a lot of attention from both health professionals and the business world is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a way of training mind to pay attention to thoughts and feelings in the present moment. This 2500-year-old process is clinically proven to help with a variety of emotional disorders and is possibly one of the most practical ways of reducing stress available today. In fact, I believe combining NLP with mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools in there is to create personal and professional lasting change for anyone who practices.

  • Proprietor of the NLP Works since 2003.
  • Experienced multi-disciplined therapist with extensive experience providing one to one therapy for emotional regulation including stress and anxiety management and trauma management (PTSD).
  • Extensive experience working with solicitor referrals successfully treating individuals suffering from trauma and anxiety issues as a direct result of accident and injury. Adults and children.
  • Worked with various charities delivering group and one to one behavioural management and emotional resilience sessions.
  • Enhanced DBS checked.
  • Provision of one to one and group sessions in mindfulness-based anxiety management.
  •   Experienced in the successful delivery of bespoke certified courses using a multi -disciplined approach and their specific applications a wide range of personal and professional contexts.
  •   Memberships: BABCP No: 150574

 Relevant  experience

  • Developed and delivered bespoke mindfulness-based NLP   and other cognitive behavioural processes for staff and service users of the   Zero centre, a charity based on Merseyside providing support for Women and children who have suffered domestic abuse and trauma.
  • Developed and delivered training courses in cognitive based stress and anxiety management to local businesses, on behalf of Sefton   PCT.
  • Creator of Practical Mindfulness tm process for anxiety and stress management using practical application of Mindfulness, NLP   and other cognitive behavioural processes.
  •  Regularly deliver a range of courses including basic   NLP, Mindfulness-based cognitive techniques, anxiety and anger management to service providers and service users of Mind supporting individuals with mental disorders.
  •  Regularly deliver advanced communication and emotional regulation courses for the Public and Private sector.
  • Visiting lecturer in NLP, Conflict transformation,   negotiation skills at the University of Chester focusing on emotional   regulation and resilience using specific cognitive behavioural models of personal   and interpersonal conflict and negotiation management
  • Developed certified courses for specific issues example:   Effects of domestic violence on support workers.
  • Facilitated courses/workshops in cognitive behavioural management techniques for young people with mental health issues making the transition from sheltered accommodation to living on their own and their service providers. (Delivered as an associate trainer with Exploring Futures)
  •   Deliver workshops in schools in the Merseyside area for children with emotional and behavioural issues using a multi-disciplined therapeutic and coaching approach. (Delivered as an associate trainer with Exploring   Futures)

Partial list of relevant training taken and certifications held.

Cert Exposure therapy for PTSD and Anxiety

Cert Trainer Mindfulness.

Certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.2013

Undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and leadership modules 1,2 and 3 2010

Cert trainer Practical Mindfulness

Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy 2005

Certified trainer of NLP classic code 2005

Certified trainer of NLP New code 2005

Certified NLP Practitioner 1999

Certified Master Practitioner 2000

Certified NLP Coach 2005

Certified NLP Master Practitioner(2nd) 2005

Cert Hypnotherapy for stress management 2003

Motivational interviewing and stages of change ATP (The Association for Psychological therapies) accreditation level 2

Cert Clinical Hypnotherapy 2003

Cert Master Hypnotherapist 2005

Cert Eye Movement Integration Therapy Practitioner 2008

Certified EFT Practitioner 2005

Certified EFT Trainer 2006

PTLLLS Cert (Preparing to teach in the life-long learning sector)

CTLLLS Cert (Certificate of teaching in the lifelong learning sector)2010

Certified Business mentor 2011

Course design and facilitation 2000

Cert Accelerated learning     skills 2004

NLP for creativity 2004

Sensory Acuity skills 2004