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 It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) English Naturalist

Change is inevitable and very few things in life are certain, but one of the few things we can be certain of is that we will all experience so sort of change and uncertainty at some time in our life. At some point we will all experience things like

  • Stress
  • Anxiety.
  • Loss of some kind.
  • Something we would like to stop doing like smoking or overeating or a perhaps  something we would like to start doing!
  • A feeling we no longer want to experience or indeed a feeling we  want to experience!


Here`s the thing- it`s how we deal with that change and uncertainty that`s important.


The right amount of change and uncertainty can be exciting and even motivating, too much can cause stress and anxiety. It seems that now more than ever, change and uncertainty and the stress that can go with it has become part of our daily lives. Change in our personal lives. Change in our professional lives.

One thing you can be  certain of is that people who have developed a level of emotional and mental resilience tend to deal with life`s “ups and downs” more effectively and are able to “bounce back” quicker than those less resilient. Whether that is;

  • Changes at work. If you`re a manager or leader see corporate resilience
  • Personal changes.
  • Mental or Physical health issues.
  • Feeling ‘stuck’
  • Feeling stressed or anxious.

Whatever your circumstances you can build emotional and mental resilience. You can cultivate these qualities by learning the skills and techniques which support and develop this type of resilience and so feel a real difference in your life, as millions of people all over the world have done in the past and are still doing now.

Learn Mindfulness based NLP in Liverpool and learn how to develop those skills!

Mindfulness, NLP and Emotional resilience.

First of all, some definitions;

There are many definitions of both Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and of Mindfulness but I like to keep things as simple as possible so how about this?

Mindfulness is a way of training ourselves to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions in the present without judging ourselves. Learning Mindfulness has been clinically proven to help with a variety of emotional conditions and improving focus.

NLP is a way of understanding how our thoughts, feelings and the pictures we create in our brain influence our actions and therefore our experiences and how we can work with our brain

Emotional resilience means the ability to cope with stressful situations and adversity in general, to be able to bounce back when life`s challenges occur. This goes hand in hand with something called response flexibility, the ability to move beyond our habitual ways of reacting to stressful situations, taking a “step back” and choosing a more appropriate response helping us achieve a sense of emotional balance and feeling less overwhelmed, stressed out and out of control yet still maintaining the emotional depth that gives our life meaning and purpose. Just like any other habit, emotional resilience and response flexibility CAN BE LEARNED.

Learn how you too can develop these powerful traits

The Mindfulness based Certified NLP Practitioner courses in Liverpool starts soon.

Register today and SAVE £200 see courses page.

Stop press!

Fundamentals of NLP and Practical Mindfulness
3/4&24th/25th Sept 2016
Times 10am to 5pm Saturdays
10.30 to 5.15pm Sundays.
Cost £397

NLP communication model. How we create our reality.
Intro to mindfulness and Practical MindfulnessTM.
NLP, Mindfulness and Hypnosis and the patterns that connect-Practical
The neuroscience of Practical MindfulnessTM.
The Verbal package: an introduction to NLP language modelS
Perceptual positions- Practical applications.
Rapport- beyond mirroring and matching.
Sensory acuity- opening your senses and keeping them open.
How habits are created and disrupted. The Trigger Pattern Payoff model.
Anchoring-state management.
Self regulation- developing emotional resilience.
How to create your own tools for self regulation.

Throughout the 4 days you will learn and practice different
applications of NLP and mindfulness.

Register before Friday August 12th and SAVE £100!

Book now on 0151 559 0661

 Relax. Read. Retain. Recall.

The faster route to getting the information you need when you need it.

If you could extract and process precisely the information you need from any book, report, essay when you need it at a vastly superior speed than normal and be able to recall it at will, how would that affect your…

  • Studies?
  • Time management?
  • Career prospects?
  • Your life?

Now is your time to find out. During this two day highly interactive and enjoyable course you will learn:

  • The strategies success learners use to greatly increase the amount of information they absorb.
  • How to apply NLP and other accelerated learning technologies to retain and recall what you learn.
  • Work with your brain instead of against it to create the ideal learning state.
  • Learn to manage stress.
  • That you are capable of learning and remembering more much quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

What you will get:

Course manual and relevant support material. A more effective way of learning.

What you will need:

Between 2 to 4 books on your chosen subject. Preferably books you`ve not yet read.

How does will work.

On day one you will learn the concepts of speed learning, information acquisition and state management. In other words-the 4 R`s Relax.Read.Retain.Recall. Then you have 6 days to practice and integrate your new skills. You can email with any questions or observations to support your learning. Then on day two together we will hone your learning skills and introduce new skills. Review your progress and work on specific areas of interest to YOU!

How Much? 

This two day workshop costs £197 includes refreshments throughout the day.

When and Where?



Tel: 0151 559 0661